Monday Motivation- Marathons Inspire

What I love about running is its similarity to yoga in the fact that anyone can do it. Watching yesterday’s Twin Cities Marathon was inspiring to see the crazy fast elites, to still-fast Boston qualifiers, to mid-packers to beginning runners all run their hearts out. We cheered around the half way point and along the final 2-3 miles so we saw a wide range of emotions. It’s a distance that treats its participants to a roller coaster ride of emotions, not too unlike some of those yoga practices where emotions you never knew were below the surface bubble on up. The sport is also great because it welcomes anyone who wants to try no matter their body shape. I think that’s powerful. It’s powerful to know that despite all the media messages and definitions of what is athletic, feminine or masculine, there’s a sport like running that embraces all definitions of those things. Perhaps let this past weekend inspire your journey to try something new by throwing out all pre-conceived definitions and notions. 

Monday Motivation- Marathon Madnees & Yoga for Runners

Happy Monday! We are already flying into October this week and that means marathon madness begins. October is the busiest month for marathons in the U.S. and Canada. The Twin Cities is home to the beautiful Medtronic Twin Cities  Marathon this Sunday morning. I encourage you to go cheer as it’s inspirational to watch people from beginners to elite runners tackle 26.2 miles.  

Yesterday, I got to warm-up some runners for the always well-organized Women Run the Cities Event. The event is women run and supported with proceeds benefiting the Anne Bancroft Foundation. Thank you to Athleta for the opportunity to lead a warm-up stretch. It was fantastic morning and fun to see women get excited to use this race as their final preparation for Twin Cities Marathon next weekend, or to simply begin their running journey. FYI, for mothers, the event offers a fun Kid 1K race.

In case you missed it, I guest blogged for my friend Jessie at The Right Fits on “yoga poses for runners”. As always, no matter where you are on a yoga or running journey, it all begins with breath!

1. Breath. All yoga begins with breath. I can’t tell you how much I focus on breathing in a race whether to occupy my mind or breathe through  a side stitch or keep in more useful positive thoughts. Anyways, sit up, kneel or lie on your back. Breathe in through your nose, filling up with air in all directions, through your rib cage, shoulders, belly, back. Exhale through your nose, letting your belly contract, rib cage knit together. Maybe put your hands on your stomach and watch your hands move apart as you fill up with air and come together as you contract. Breath is life. If you’re not breathing, you’ll probably stop running mid-race. Why not practice the mindfulness and calmness that cultivating a steady breath can bring? 

Last spring, after a snowy race in April (yes April snow showers), I posted some post-run stretches to aid your recovery. Hope these posts can aid you, yogi-runners out there!

Tuesday Tunes- Finding Fall Playlists

It’s official. My denial can no longer be at bay. It is now Fall. I can handle fall with the beautiful colors and the opportunity for change. I can especially handle fall when it’s like this week, more like an early June (to make up for the June we didn’t really get). 

Anyways, even though some students of mine are hanging on to outdoor yoga opportunities, they eventually come inside, away from the sounds of nature and lake side activity. And that means putting together playlists. I know there are pros and cons to music in class. Generally, I like to use it because it can be a nice way to set the space or give someone something to focus on that is outside their head, to help them settle into their space. I’ve had experiences when music and yoga postures come together in a way that just inexplicably move me.  But I also have enjoyed music-less classes where your breath and mind just take over your body. Perhaps whether or not to play music in class is more of an “it depends” type of question.

Here’s a playlist (to be named) that I’m playing around. What would you want to hear? Do you enjoy or not enjoy music with your yoga practice? 

September 19, 2014 -

What else can I say? Thank you for coming together and creating a beautiful late summer yoga experience! We flowed through a gorgeous sunset into a breezy savasana (despite those darn mosquitos) to close out our season. If we missed you this week, please know you all have been a highlight of my summer. I can’t thank you all enough for your support and contributing to a strong outdoor community. You all represent the principle that yoga is truly for anyone. 

Stay tuned through the year. I’ll always to try post community yoga events and news, share some adventures and get your feedback. If we meet elsewhere through the year, please say hi! 

Flow into fall with one more Outdoor Yoga at Lake of the Isles

No Tuesday Tunes this week as I fill your spaces with reminders about our last class of the season tonight. Come on out as we get to flow one more time this summer under sunny skies! 6:30 p.m, see you at Isles. 

If I miss you tonight, have a wonderful Fall and see you next summer or around town. Stay tuned here or on FB or twitter, as I’ll try share community yoga or wellness events, share a recipe or music and ask for your feedback. Thank you, thank you for coming on out this summer and spreading the word! 

Last week was just a fluke as Mother Nature figures out how to wind us down into fall. This week, we’re being treated to late summer temps in the 60s and 70s, and lots of sunshine. It’s perfect, just a perfect way to end our outdoor yoga season. Come join me on Wednesday, this week, at 6:30 p.m., as we flow one more time. Celebration after class. 

Can’t go Wednesday? That’s okay, go on Tuesday to Luminous Yoga with Emily, at Lake Calhoun.

It’s been a great season and we can’t wait to celebrate with you this week!

Wow Wow Wow! I’m naming these folks Wind Warriors. Talk about just living in the now, no matter what. Thank you for coming and turning a windy evening into one of light and positive vibes! It was indeed a pleasant surprise.

SAVE THE DATE! Final class next week, 9/17, 6:30p.m.

So the forecast looks back to sunshine next week. Yea! We will get to end the season on a lovely note. Come flow and celebrate afterwards with treats and beverages.

Be bold today? No rain is forecasted for this evening. I’ll be there for you warriors who want to layer up for an invigorating flow tonight.

SAVE THE DATE for next Wednesday! The forecast says sunny and clear. Lets end on a good and light note. We will flow into fall with one last class and a celebration afterwards.

Tuesday Tunes- Back to the Barre

Last week I taught a barre class with new students at the Calhoun Beach Club. I haven’t taught barre for a few months so I enjoyed getting back to the studio. I love teaching barre and believe in it as a workout that can compliment regular weight training and cardio programs. It has an ability to go deep and strengthen your muscles, especially the ones you forget about like your glutes and ankles.

Here’s a little playlist I put together for class. It’s a little random but aren’t many of our workout playlists? This list follows a light warm up-active stretch, core work, arms work, barre work and cool down. It’s geared towards a 60 minute class. 

Like yoga, many formats of barre classes are available around town. Have you tried barre? What did you like about it?


Monday Motivation- It’s September and you can still savasana outside. Come on over this Wed and next. Just TWO classes left this season. We’ll celebrate on 9/17 afterwards.