Outdoor Yoga Classes Abound in the Twin Cities


Thank you Star Tribune for the mention in today’s Outdoors Weekend special section.

Writer Beth Dooley describes the special connection between self and nature that one experiences through practicing outdoors.She also highlights that when you go outside, you don’t need a simulated soundtrack of nature to help you relax:

This yoga studio has no walls. It’s all uneven surfaces, uncertain weather, random noises and critters — i.e. ants, flies and bees. Most yoga rooms work to replicate the sense of peace one finds in nature. I’ve been to classes with soundtracks of birds and crashing waves, dimmed lights and natural fiber carpets. Because the challenges and distractions of nature help us find peace. Especially after a winter like ours, when the sun is high and the temps hover above 60 degrees, I can’t bear to be inside any longer, and so I like to take my practice to the beach.

Click here to read her full piece and be sure to find her reviews in publications like Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine.

Thank you for beautiful night and practice. See you next week! We’ll have some mid-summer treats after class. We sure can brag about the beauty we can yoga in.

Tuesday Tunes- Michael Franti and All the Freaky People

Last Friday, I went to see Michael Franti at the Basilica Block Party. I’ve seen him once in concert, but it was inside in the winter, which was great. But I knew he’d be pretty fun outside. So I was really excited for this opportunity. He and his band put on a great energetic show and he literally goes into the crowd. 


This was a perfect way to end last week. It was a week full of self-doubt for me, on where I fit in professionally and personally. So Franti’s music about being human and “All the freaky people make the beauty of the world” was a good reminder that we’re all here to contribute something. His celebration of love, embracing diversity and thinking of others was uplifting. He even shared a new song he wrote for his son who has been sick. He told his son we would stay with him and not tour this summer, but this son told him he had to tour because he makes people happy. Wow, what a selfless child. I thank Franti’s sonfor sharing his dad because he really does and did make people happy. To think, a few years ago, the Basilica represented something divisive in our community and now, here we were last Friday evening rocking out to love with one of the most genuine authentic human beings. Maybe love can’t cure all, but it can go far in healing and spreading joy.

Well, I hope to see you tomorrow night as we spread some yogi love at Isles! It’s supposed to be back into the 70s. 


He was kind to hang for an hour to take pictures and greet fans. By the end, there was just time for a big group selfies with strangers. 

imageHow can you not relax and enjoy on a beautiful evening after a stormy afternoon?

Motivation Monday- Support Bragging Week with a little yoga

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges declared this week to be Bragging Week. Ironically, we can’t really brag about our summer weather (or assure the southerners that our humidity can keep up with theirs) while everyone visits for the All-Star Game. But we can brag that bad weather never stops a Minneapple-ton from getting outdoors!

Guess what I’m going to brag about? Outdoor Yoga of course! It’s number 12 on the list of suggested activities to try and brag about in the Mayor’s Bragging Challenge:

  1. Rooftop patio
  2. A farmer’s market
  3. Brunch at your favorite restaurant
  4. Visit your favorite brewpub
  5. Play a round of golf at Theodore Wirth
  6. Enjoy a show at Minneapolis Music and Movies in the Parks
  7. Lawn bowling or bocce ball at your favorite spot
  8. Visit a museum
  9. Visit favorite donut shop
  10. Visit a community garden
  11. Take your kids to a wading pool/playground at a Minneapolis park
  12. Outdoor yoga by the lakes
  13. Take a picture outside your Minneapolis grade school, HS or college alma mater (or wearing a shirt with the logo)
  14. Visit a dog park
  15. Take a picture of your favorite view of the Minneapolis skyline
  16. Use a Nice Ride bike to ride along the Midtown Greenway or the Grand Rounds.

Notice a theme? A lot of outdoor activities to highlight the best Minneapolis offers in the summer. Anyways, for the complete list of activities in the bragging challenge, click here. Then join me Wednesday nights (all summer), or Luminous Yoga on Tuesday nights. You can even bike on a Nice Ride and tick two items off the challenge list. Take a picture and post it to twitter or Facebook with #BragMpls. image

An excerpt behind how Bragging Week came about in MinnPost:

On the other hand, if I were a mayor who only focused on our problems, people would not, and should not, tolerate that, either. Solutions to our problems – as well as our brightest future — lie in no small part in bringing creative, big-hearted people here to live, to work, and to play, and keeping all the creative, big-hearted people who live here already. To encourage people to do that, they need to know how great we are.  And for them to know how great we are, we need to brag. And we need to start now.

I agree with the Mayor that we must focus on our problems but we also need to recognize our strengths for solutions to problems. The big reason I started outdoor yoga classes was because I recognized a need for an affordable option for those who may not have the means to go take classes in a private studio, but want to try or continue a practice. Also, some people (like my running friends) want to try yoga as athletes but don’t want to commit a lot of money to something they’re skeptical about. While we want to yoga, we don’t always want to go inside on a precious gorgeous summer night.

I found myself in many a few low-paying jobs right after I completed teacher training. If it were not for getting hired by a couple of gyms and some private studios offering teacher discounts, I couldn’t have kept up a regular practice. Yoga and the people I’ve met through it (like all of you) have been dear to me as I struggled with finding a job with a true livable wage. Thank you for teaching me as much as I hopefully have been of help to you! 

So please come. Whether you can donate a dollar, $5, $20 or none, my classes are here for you to come as you are. The spirit of donation yoga is that all beings, shapes and sizes are welcome. 

Got to teach, got to take outside. Perfect Sunday start!

Thank you for another fun evening of Enjoy the sun but wear sunscreen this weekend. See you next week.

Tuesday Tunes- More Acoustic Guitar

Welcome back to the week. Hope you had a lovely holiday! I got to enjoy some time unplugged “up north”. I also got to enjoy my first water ski slalom run of the summer. Boy do I need some yoga after that! It’s not any easier as I get older.


Anyways, my friend Sam, is out with another music video of his acoustic guitar playing. Check it out and his website. And book him if you can!

Last week, I asked what is the “song of summer” and that Fancy has been getting stuck in my head. Turns out, one culture source says we deserve a better song of summer. What do you think?

Anyways, see you tomorrow at Isles!

Happy 4th of July! Enjoy the long weekend with friends and family.

All! It’s looking as gorgeous as last week. Clouds have parted and blue skies await! Come on over to Isles tonight!

All! It’s looking as gorgeous as last week. Clouds have parted and blue skies await! Come on over to Isles tonight!